Scaling: Teeth Cleaning in Navi Mumbai

Or call: +91-8291883844

Scaling: Teeth Cleaning in Navi Mumbai

Or call: +91-8291883844

Why Do We Need Scaling: Professional Teeth Cleaning in Navi Mumbai

Even after thorough teeth brushing and flossing, you cannot remove every bit of food that remains after eating food. Over time this food accumulation leads to the formation of tartar and plaques in between your teeth and between teeth and gums. This can lead to cavity formation, bad breath, pus, or gum diseases, seriously damaging your teeth and gums. In worst cases, teeth may tilt or become mobile and eventually fall off. Therefore, getting these deposits cleaned by professional Teeth Cleaning in Navi Mumbai is necessary.

The most common site for tartar or plaque formation is on the back of the front lower teeth; you can observe this in a mirror

Will Teeth Cleaning in Airoli Harm My Teeth?

It is a belief that professional teeth cleaning in Airoli can lead to loosening and gaps. But this is a misconception. Cleaning ideally leads to strengthening teeth in the socket as there will be no remaining tartar that causes infection.

The teeth might feel loose if they were already weak, and the tartar gave a false sense of teeth being firm.

What Is The Process Of Teeth Cleaning in Navi Mumbai?

Professional teeth cleaning in Navi Mumbai involves scaling and polishing the teeth. ‘Scaling’ is the process of scraping off the hardened pieces of plaque and tartar that are stuck to your teeth. It is done using a modern ultrasonic scaler. With ultrasonic scalers, this process has become much faster and virtually free of side effects.

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I got my wisdom tooth extracted at SK smile dental clinic. It was a painless procedure, and there were no after-surgery complications. Everything went well. Highly recommended clinic for all your dental needs.

"I got my gum treatment done at SK Smile dental clinic by Dr. Satish. It was a painless process and was completed in one sitting only. After the treatment, the problem of pain and bleeding in the gums was completely cured. I am fully satisfied with the overall experience. "

“I got braces treatment for my daughter at SK smile dental clinic. She was conscious of her smile previously, but now, after her treatment, she feels very confident. I will highly recommend this clinic to all for their dental needs. ”

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