Root Canal Treatment: Root Canal Treatment in Navi Mumbai

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When Do We Need A Root Canal Treatment: Root Canal Treatment in Navi Mumbai

A root canal treatment in Navi Mumbai has to be done when there is pulp damage. If the cause of your tooth pain is severe decay or infection in the tooth pulp, your tooth may need a root canal treatment.
If the pulp is infected or dead and left untreated, pus can build up at the tip of the root, forming an abscess. An abscess can destroy the bone around the tooth and can lead to pain.
The most common causes of pulp damage are

  • A cracked tooth
  • A deep cavity
  • An injury to a tooth (recent or in the past)

What Are The Signs And Symptoms That Indicate Need For Root Canal Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Your tooth might need a root canal treatment in Navi Mumbai if:

  • It hurts when you bite or touch it
    It is sensitive to heat
  • Night pain
  • Sensitivity to cold for more than a couple of seconds
  • Swelling near the tooth
  • It is discolored and may or may not hurt
  • It is broken

What Is A Root Canal Treatment: Root Canal Treatment in Airoli

During root canal treatment in Airoli, the infected or inflamed pulp (a small, thread-like tissue in the center of the root) is removed, the inside of the root is cleaned and disinfected, and filled with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. This procedure is to seal off the root canal. The tooth is then restored with a filling (with/without crown) for protection. In olden times, such teeth with infected pulps were removed. Today, root canal treatment to save such teeth is the preferred choice. After complete treatment, the tooth continues to be in function.

Why Save The Tooth And Do A Root Canal Treatment?

Some of the advantages of saving your natural tooth are:

  • Dental health: If the tooth is removed, teeth around will “drift” into the empty space causing difficulty in chewing and joint problems.
  • Bite: If removed, the bite changes, increasing the chances of fracture or damage to other teeth.
  • Oral hygiene: Misaligned is harder to clean, making it more prone to decay.
  • Speech: Teeth help you speak clearly and distinctly. Time. It is more time-consuming to replace tooth/teeth.
  • Finances:  It is more affordable to treat the tooth in need than to replace the tooth/teeth with a bridge or implant.
  • Appearance: Jawbones shrink after extraction, which may cause your facial structure to change, leading to “hollow” cheeks, aging and
    wrinkling of your face.

How Long Will The Restored Tooth Last?

Treated and restored tooth/teeth can last a lifetime with proper care. Since tooth decay can still occur in treated teeth, good oral hygiene maintenance and regular dental checkups are necessary to prevent further problems.

Can All Teeth Be Treated Endodontically?

It depends on the damage the tooth has. Occasionally, a tooth can’t be saved if the tooth cannot be restored, has inadequate bone support, root fracture, or the root canals are not accessible.
However, advances in endodontics have made it possible to save teeth that even a few years ago would have been removed. Sometimes, endodontic surgery may be advised to save the tooth.

Tips For Care After A Root Canal Treatment:

Root canals have a high success rate. Few ways to take care of your teeth after a root canal:

  • Good oral hygiene – brush teeth twice daily and floss at least once.
  • Visit the dentist regularly – cleanings and checkups
  • Avoid biting on hard foods – hard foods such as ice can cause teeth to break.

What Is A Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment?

Single sitting root canal treatment of teeth is an advancement in dentistry. Single visit root canals have become very common. The dentist performs the entire root canal treatment of teeth in a single sitting with an antibiotic coverage for about 2-3 days (depending on the type of decay and dental problems of the patient.)

When Can It Be Done?

  • An injury to the teeth has exposed the nerve.
  • Severe teeth sensitivity makes it impossible for the patient to consume hot or cold food.
  • Non-Vital teeth with no acute symptoms.
  • Close to Pulp Caries.
  • Acute infection with no pus accumulation.

What Are The Advantages Of Single Sitting Root Canal Procedure?

  • Patient comfort: This is the most significant advantage. Patients don’t have to come multiple times, reducing the number of injections.
  • No interappointment pain.
  • Saves time.
  • Minimizes fear and anxiety: You don’t have to fear visiting the dentist multiple times.
  • Minimizes incomplete treatment.
  • Esthetics: If done for a fractured front tooth, an esthetic restoration can be placed immediately after the root canal.

Which Are The Cases In Which Single Sitting Root Canals Can Not Be Done?

  • Teeth with abscess and pus discharge.
  • Patients who have an acute infection with severe pain on percussion (tapping)
  • Asymptomatic teeth with abscess
  • Cases with procedural difficulties like calcified, curved or extra
  • Patients with joint disorders and difficulty in mouth opening
  • Teeth with limited access.
  • Retreatment cases.

Why Might A Root Canal Retreatment Be Needed?

As with any dental or medical procedure, a tooth may not heal as expected after treatment for a variety of reasons:

  • Re-infection due to leakage of bacteria leading to new decay (there is never a 100% seal, so hygiene maintenance is essential)
  • Narrow or curved root canals sometimes pose complications
  • Complicated root canal anatomy (shapes and forms) can be undetected
  • Delay in the placement of the crown or other restoration can result in reinfection
  • Crack or fracture of the crown or filling
  • Fracture of the tooth (crown or root portion)

What Will Happen During Retreatment?

During retreatment, the tooth is reopened, and the filling material is removed. The tooth is then examined for additional canals or causes of a new infection. The infection is removed, the canals are again cleaned and shaped, and new filling material is placed in the root canal. A temporary filling is used to seal the opening. After the tooth heals, a new crown or other restoration is placed on the tooth.

Is Retreatment The Best Choice And What Are The Alternatives?

Saving your natural tooth is the best option always. Retreated teeth can function well for years. There might be newer techniques and materials available which might not have been there when you had your first procedure. Endodontic surgery might be advised to remove an infection from below the root if required. Though the success rate of a re-treated root canal is lower than a root canal, it is advised to try and save the tooth. The other alternative to retreatment of failing endodontics is tooth extraction. It will then need to be replaced to restore function and aesthetics and prevent the shifting of other teeth. 

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