Dental Laser: Laser
Dentistry in Navi Mumbai

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SK Smile Dental Clinic is one of the few dental clinics with the facility of Laser Dentistry in Navi Mumbai.

Are Lasers used in
dentistry: Laser Dentistry
in Airoli

Yes, lasers have been in use in dentistry since 1990. Laser Dentistry in Airoli can be safely used for many dental procedures. They are often used along with other dental instruments.

How Are Lasers Used In Dentistry: Laser Dentistry in Navi Mumbai

Are Dental Lasers Safe:  Laser Dentistry in Airoli

 Laser Dentistry in Airoli is as safe as other dental instruments if used based on standard protocols by trained dentists. When your dentist performs a laser procedure, you will be asked to wear special eyeglasses to protect your eyes from the laser.

Advantages Of Choosing A Clinic
With A Dental Laser

Lasers in Cosmetic

For teeth that look short. Or a lot of gums seen while smiling. Or gums are swollen due to medications. The gums have to be recontoured.

Previously, these procedures were carried out with a blade. These can be carried with a laser, and bleeding is next to negligible.  

Gum Depigmentation (Gum

Gum depigmentation is a procedure where the dark melanin pigments which make your gums look very dark and unattractive when you smile are removed without any bleeding.

Tongue Tie Correction

The laser can be used to treat it. It helps with the patient’s speech.

Laser in Orthodontics (braces)

One in 10 patients has a thick band of muscle called a frenum between their front teeth, preventing closing gaps. If the patient needs a frenectomy (frenum muscle removal), it can be done with minimal bleeding without any stitches, superior healing, and reduce swelling. Many times in children, certain teeth do not erupt due to a fold of their gum obstructing the eruption of teeth. With a laser, the gum fold can be removed easily. In the absence of a laser facility, the traditional scalpel and blade are used, which is a bloody procedure requiring more anesthesia. Any gum overgrowth caused during braces can be removed without any blood any stitches.

Biopsy / Excision:

Lasers are beneficial in removing swollen tissues (fibroma, mucocele) on lips or cheeks.


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I would highly recommend SK Smile Dental clinic to anyone having any kind of tooth problems. From the first consultation till the completion of the RCT, everything went on smoothly. The doctors inform you about each and every procedure. The clinic is well maintained and hygienic.

The Best Dental clinic... I have been their patient since last 7-8years The treatment is still the same nothing has changed All the doctors are very polite answer to all the questions very patiently. They all give followup calls regularly to check on the patient. Very punctual... Excellent Dental clinic where we can go without fear... Thankyou to all the doctors.... And the staff working there.

Kudos to the team and Doctors. My son got due treatment and attention in time. The front desk staff also helps manage the appointment so that we get the treatment as per the schedule with minimum waiting time at the clinic. Thank you.

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